Last month, I wrote that we had just been called in to be with Leslie’s mom as she was on hospice in the final stages of terminal cancer. We want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have prayed for us and reached out. We have certainly felt the Lord’s presence and the power of your prayers. Mama went to be with the Lord  peacefully and with a beautiful smile on her face on September 5th. She was able to see pretty much all of her family before passing  away, and we were with her as she was ushered into the presence of the Lord. It remains a sure hope to us that we will see her again someday (I wrote more extensively about her passing in one of our Carrier Couriers this month.) Leslie and her family are doing well. She has a been such a trooper through this whole thing, and I know God is going to use her greatly in Chile and in the States to minister to those who are going through the same battle.

I also wrote last month that we were praying we could cross the 50% mark of our needed support, and praise the Lord, He has provided and we are now over 50% of our needed support! When we get to 60%, we can purchase tickets. Would you please pray with us that we will reach that goal soon? Would you consider partnering with us financially in the ministry to help us reach Chile with the gospel? 

Please pray for safe travels this month as we will be presenting the ministry anywhere from Florida to Michigan. Pray that we can have divine appointments to speak to those who need the gospel. That is what we most desire. May God bless you. Until next time!

July 2020 Prayer Letter

As we head into July, we trust you are all doing well and getting back to a bit of normalcy in your lives. We greatly appreciate your support and prayers. The Lord has been so good to sustain us through these times, as I’m sure He has you. Isn’t He a wonderful God? This month, we have two major praises and a prayer request. 

The Praises

When the Coronavirus first became an issue, my biggest concern was that we would start losing  support we had already gained. I felt fairly certain we wouldn’t get any new support for a while, which I hated, but I would’ve considered it a victory if we didn’t lose anything. I can say God and His people have truly been incredible. We’ve actually been gaining support over these months. Just this week alone, we’ve heard of two new supporters, as well as another a couple of weeks ago. We are tremendously blessed. Also, some of you knew our mission board’s president, Pastor Gardner, had the Coronavirus and was in the hospital on a respirator. We are thrilled to say he is back home and recovering. We praise the Lord for His healing hand and thank you for your prayers!

The Prayer Request

We were hoping to start back on deputation this month, but then we both got the virus at the end of May and had to cancel quite a few meetings. Now, more than a month later, my tests are coming back negative, but Leslie’s aren’t. She hasn’t had symptoms in a month now, so we don’t know what’s going on. Would you pray her tests will come back negative so we can get back on the road in July? We miss presenting the ministry to Chile and meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we can’t wait to get back to it.

We pray all is well with you. Until next month!

Almost Back to Normal, And Then…

No doubt these last few months have been trying times for everybody, but God has been so faithful. We’re so grateful for our supporting churches still sending in support, and we were so excited that, after two months of having meetings cancelled, we were finally going to be able to start back on deputation at the end of May (You don’t know how much I miss deputation). The anticipation was in the air, and life was going to be getting back to normal.

Then we had a friend over to our house that suggested we should get tested for the Coronavirus.

“No!” I declared. I’d seen the images of the test, how you had to force the stick up your nose until it basically reached your brain. It looked horrific, and I wasn’t going to take that test unless I absolutely had to. She insisted that it would be the right thing to do so we could go to our meetings with a clear conscience, and I figured she had a point. And then that same friend tested positive for the virus two days later, and we knew we had no choice.

We loaded up and headed to a nearby testing facility, and I have to say that the test wasn’t nearly as bad as it looks. A little uncomfortable, yes, but not the horror show I’d imagined. We were both negative and thought we were good to go, but then Leslie started experiencing symptoms the next day. And four or five days later, I did too. We went for another test and this one confirmed what we already knew to be true: We both had the virus.

I cancelled our next several meetings and hunkered down for day after day of endless misery, with no end in sight. Leslie had four or five pretty rough days and then got better. Mine lasted eleven or so. I can’t speak for Leslie, but I can honestly say it was the sickest I’ve ever been. If there was a symptom to be had, we pretty much had it. I will say it was a great weight loss program, though, because I lost ten pounds in as many days! Finally, one day last week, I woke up without a fever and realized I’d hit a breakthrough. We are now both feeling so much better and are almost at 100%. We praise the Lord that it didn’t turn out any worse than it did and neither of us ended up in the hospital. We also have wonderful friends who brought us groceries and anything we needed. We’ve been tested again now and are awaiting the results, but I feel pretty certain we’re over it.

Also, please pray for the president of our mission board, Pastor Austin Gardner. He got the virus and had to be put on a ventilator. He is now off of the ventilator and the next 24 hours or so are critical to trying to keep him off. We praise God for how He has carried him through thus far and are praying He will continue to do so.

As for us now, we’re excited to FINALLY get back on the road, Lord willing. Please pray that we can continue raising our support and reach Chile next year. We can’t wait to get there with the gospel.


We experienced a deputation first this month as, on Easter Sunday, of all days, God allowed us to present the ministry to Chile over Facebook livestream with a church in Wisconsin. The pastor was extremely gracious in allowing us to do so. We worked it out so that he made me an administrator of the church’s page before doing a run-through together. Then, on Sunday morning, he did the first part of the service from his end and afterward we switched over. I got to present the ministry and preach from our little kitchen. I have to admit that, as many of you have no doubt discovered, the dynamic was quite different. I had a good time, though. It was  kind of funny when Leslie laughed a couple of times but was all alone in her laughter.

In the middle of the month, we were invited to get on a video call with a youth group at a church we were in last May. We had a blast. We updated them on what was going on, and then they asked a few questions. What was really exciting to us was that they let us know the church was going to be taking us on for support! I didn’t think we’d be getting any new supporters in April with all that’s going on, but God showed that He is indeed still in control and is working on our behalf. We pray He will speed us to the field, because we can’t wait to get there. However, we know He has his reasons for all He is allowing right now, and we’re trusting in His plan for our lives.

The Lord has been good in allowing us to use this time to be at Leslie’s parents’ house a little bit more. Her mom is undergoing a new type of therapy, immunotherapy, so we’re waiting to see how that is working. She’s been gaining her strength back and having the ability to eat much more now than she was, so that’s good.

We hope all is going well wherever you may be. I certainly hope that this time next month, things will have begun to ease up a little and started to return to somewhat of the normalcy we had before. We miss going to church and seeing people, as no doubt you all do too. Thank you so much for your support, and may God continue to bless you greatly!

January 2020 Prayer Letter

Happy New Year! We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. As for us, we are blessed that Leslie’s family gets together on the 24th, and mine on the 25th, so we were able to be with both sides of the family this year.

One of my favorite things about coming to the end of a year is looking back at all God has done that year. It’s amazing how much can happen in 365 days. The biggest thing in our lives was that we got married. It seems just yesterday, but on the 12th this month, we’re celebrating our first anniversary together! We also got to meet so many incredible brothers and sisters in Christ this past year, many of which have become fast friends. We can’t wait to meet so many more in the coming months.




Conversely, one of my favorite things about a new year is all the possibilities that lie in store. This year is shaping up to be an exciting one. We are thrilled to take a brief survey trip to Chile this summer so that we can begin looking for where we would like to live during our first term. Leslie has never been to Chile, and I’m looking forward to showing her the place we will call home in the very near future, Lord willing.

Just a few weeks ago, we sat down and wrote out the dreams that God has placed in our hearts for Chile and the world, big dreams that only He can fulfill. Will you pray that He will enable us to see His vision for this world fulfilled in our lives? I believe every Christian should be captivated by the thought of what God can do with his or her life. I hope each of you reading this believes God can do something great through you, because He can.

Lastly, we are praying God will allow us to finish raising our support within this next year. Would you consider partnering with us so that we may see Chile reached with the gospel? We want more than anything to see Him do something mighty there for HIs name’s sake.

Again, Happy New Year, and may God bless you more abundantly than ever this year!

December 2019 Prayer Letter

As we head into the Christmas season, we are so thankful again to be reminded of just how much God loved us in sending His Son Jesus to Earth. It’s a special time to celebrate as Christians, and we certainly hope all of you will have a very blessed Christmas season.

As for us, we couldn’t be more excited about taking the gospel to Chile, and we hope to be doing that fairly soon! These past few months, God has been so good to us in giving us several new supporting churches. We’ve been overwhelmed by the speed at which our support has suddenly increased, as we are now over 30% of our needed amount (And who knows, by the time you get this, it may be even more)! We’re praying that if God will allow, that the rest will come in within the next year so that we can leave for the field. It may sound like a big request, but with God, nothing is impossible. Would you consider partnering with us so that we can reach Chile with the gospel? And if we aren’t scheduled to be in your church, would you consider having us in to present the ministry?

On another note, while we’ve been elated at how God has been providing, we were also devastated this month by the news that Leslie’s mom has stage 4 cancer. When her parents went to the doctor originally, there was somewhat of a misunderstanding, and they believed that radiation and chemo would be able to treat her completely. As shocking as it was to find out that the cancer was more advanced than they thought, she’s undergoing treatments and there is still hope. We’re praying she will make a full recovery, and we know that God has her in His hands and that we serve the Great Physician. We also rejoice that she knows that as well and has trusted in Jesus Christ for her salvation. Come what may, our hope is in Him.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel. God has been so good to us and we are thankful for HIs provision. Thank you all for your continued support, both in prayers and finances. May God richly bless you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Saying Goodbye to Dolly

Last week started off extremely well as we heard back from a church in New Jersey that voted to begin partnering with us in the ministry! I was so excited to receive that text from the pastor, knowing our reaching Chile with the gospel just got that much closer. We’re still praying God will provide the rest of our funds within the next year, and we believe He will do so.

As I read that text, I was sitting in our Toyota Highlander in Florida (It was parked, in case you’re wondering). Little did I know that this vehicle was about to breathe her last the very next day as we drove to Pensacola. Having just crossed the Escambia Bay moments before, she summoned all her strength to pass one more truck before blowing her engine. We had her transported to the shop, and a few days later, we received news that she was too far gone to salvage.

It was a sad day as we went to clean her out. Dolly (This was the name Leslie had given her before we got married) took us as far north as Maine and as far west as Texas in her brief year on deputation. We packed her up so many times we had it down to a science. She did a great job for us in the time we had her.

Since we’re approaching Thanksgiving and it is a time to be thankful, I will say how good God was in allowing us to break down just two miles from where we were supposed to be staying, so we weren’t stranded out in the middle of nowhere between meetings. I’m also thankful that He’s been providing so that we were able to put back money month by month in the event that this happened, so it didn’t take us completely by surprise. He is truly so good to us.

As to an update about our deputation travels, we were in Florida this past week or so getting to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ who are doing a great job serving Him. We’ll be more local over Christmastime, staying mainly in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. We’re excited to be able to spend Thanksgiving with Leslie’s family in a few days.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you all have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to your December. It’s hard to believe we only have one month left in 2019!

Until next time.

Our Current Support Level and an Update on Leslie’s Mom’s Cancer

*Written on November 14, 2019*

Many new happenings are taking place as we approach Thanksgiving!

First things first. As you may have read a couple of weeks ago, we found out that Leslie’s mom has cancer and were unsure what would happen going forward. We want to thank several of you who have reached out to let us know you were praying for her, and we’re excited to say that the cancer has not spread, and that the doctors believe that with chemo and radiation, they can get it all! This is a huge relief to us, and while nothing is ever a sure thing, this was about as good as the news could be for us right now. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue praying as you think of her and us.

Further below, I’ll mention where we are on our monetary support, but I wanted to say thank you to the churches that have had us in recently. We’re in the South for the winter, and we’ve had a wonderful time in the Carolina’s, Georgia, and Florida. In one church we were in, I was able to reconnect with an old college friend of mine, Craig Howard. It’s always exciting when I see people with whom I went to college serving the Lord.

Just last night, we got to be in a meeting with some friends of ours from Vision who are going to China! Andy and Lily Smith have recently started deputation and are doing a wonderful job together. If you’re interested in having a missionary to China come into your church, their information can be found at: https://thatchinamayknow.com.

As I alluded to earlier, God has been richly blessing our deputation lately and we’ve received several new partners in the ministry! A couple of Sundays ago, the church we were in that morning voted to partner with us in reaching Chile with the gospel. “We’ve got an empty spot on the wall over there that we need to fill,” the pastor said, pointing to framed pictures of their supported missionaries. Our hearts were filled with joy as we left, knowing we were that much closer to Chile.

Then, this morning, my phone rang, and a pastor’s name from a church we were in a couple of months ago popped up on the screen. I picked it up and, after greeting one another, he told me the church’s Faith Promise offerings had just gone above and beyond what he had anticipated. “Well, that’s great! Good for them!” I said, genuinely happy for the direction the church is going. “Well, actually, good for you,” he responded. “We just voted last night to take you all on for support.” You can imagine my excitement!

These two commitments, along with several others, have propelled us beyond the 30% mark of our needed support, and the number keeps rising! We’ve been so elated by how many pastors and churches we’ve heard back from recently, and we want to say thank you to all who have just taken us on or those who have already been supporting us for some months now. We know God is doing something great, and we can actually feel the momentum shifting in our favor.

To those who may not have taken us on yet, would you consider partnering with us so that we can reach our support goal within the next year? I truly believe that with God’s help, it is completely possible. Also, if we aren’t scheduled to be in your church, we’d love to come by sometime and present the ministry God has given us to Chile.

Lastly, over the past couple of months, I had mentioned the World Evangelism Fellowship at Vision Baptist Church. I’m happy to report that several pastors, assistant pastors, and laymen in churches across America came to be challenged in the area of world missions. It was such a blessing to see pastors whose churches we’ve been in and to reconnect with one another. If you weren’t able to make it this year but would like to come next year, the dates are November 9-10th, 2020.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for us. We’re so immensely blessed. Until next time!

Please Pray for Leslie’s Mom

*This post was originally written on October 28th, 2019*

Chile has been in the news lately, but more on that in a minute.

I usually like to keep our updates as upbeat as possible, including the titles of the emails, because we are truly loving the life God has given us and are seeing Him work in great ways. However, we were blindsided about a week and a half ago with the news that Leslie’s mom Lisa has cancer. We had known that was a possibility and were praying it would not be the case, but God has seen fit to allow it to be so for now. She’s supposed to go tomorrow to find out how advanced it is and what the next steps should be. We’re praying it will not be too serious and that it will be resolved quickly by God’s grace. She is trusting in the Lord and resting in His perfect peace, whatever may come.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been in several churches and a couple of missions conferences, and we’ve loved every minute of it. At Cornerstone Baptist Church in New Hampshire, we got to be a part of one of my favorite outreach events so far, the Pumpkin Regatta. It’s a fall event in which many locals bring the pumpkins they’ve grown so they can be weighed in a competition. There are also several booths that people set up to sell various items, and we set one up for the church where the kids could play games and we could talk to the adults. It had a small-town feel to it that we really loved.

Also, the results of having travelled for about a month, with the generosity of God’s people (and they really are incredibly generous to us) are evidenced by our packing below:

Many of you may have heard of recent protests in Chile due to rising public transportation costs, among other things. Things got so out of control that the military was called in to squelch the rioting, and I was sad to see Chile’s falling into a state of disarray that I never witnessed in the time I was there. However, I’m happy to report that things are returning back to normal, though the damage will take time to repair.

While the political and civil situation in a country may fluctuate, we know that in the end, King Jesus prevails. However, many of these same Chileans are woefully unprepared to stand before Him, having never accepted Him as their personal Savior. That is why we must go and why we cannot wait to get there. We’d love to see Chile turned upside-down for Him in such a way that, as the world could not ignore this, so it could not ignore Jesus’ saving power in the lives of Chile’s citizens.

And, speaking of the world, our World Evangelism Fellowship at Vision is coming up next week. Many great men of God will be speaking, and Leslie and I are excited to be there for it. If you are not registered to attend and would like to, here is the link: https://visionmissions.org/world-evangelism-fellowship/.

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support. We’re happy to report that God has given us a wonderful month or so with several new supporters. Each one leads us closer to Chile, and for that we are so grateful.

Until next time!

Many “New” Things

Post originally written October 15th:

Fall is in the air (and I have the allergies to prove it)! We’re currently in New York, and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous this past Sunday that my voice wouldn’t hold up throughout the day, but God was very good and gave me the strength to preach His Word. I paid the price yesterday and am still recovering today, but I’m praying it gets better before our missions conference in New Hampshire this week.

God has been so good to us these last few days and weeks. This morning, we received word of a new supporter in Pennsylvania, which marks our first in that state! A few days ago, we also heard from a church whose missions conference we were in in Alabama (You may remember I requested prayer for Pastor Vaughan and his wife) that they too voted to partner with us in reaching Chile with the gospel!

These past couple of weeks have been exciting. From being home in Georgia for a few days, to going to Maryland and New York for meetings and missions conferences, we’ve had a wonderful time meeting God’s people.

As a side note, I loved this statement written behind the pulpit from which I preached last Wednesday night:

Pastors (and anybody interested in missions), we have an exciting brand new event next month at Vision. The World Evangelism Fellowship is from November 4-5 in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is a conference in which we’ll discuss the need around the world and how to get the gospel to them. I’d like to invite you to come. Among others, one of my personal favorites, Dr. Don Sisk, will be there. The registration link is here: https://visionmissions.org/world-evangelism-fellowship/.

Also, for those interested in missions, get your new year started right by coming to our annual Our Generation Conference (Formerly known as the Summit) on January 2-4, 2020! It will be held in Buford, Georgia, and is a great opportunity to learn more about your part in world evangelism. Here is the link to register for that conference: https://visionmissions.org/ogc2020/.

As always, thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Lord willing, we are headed to New Hampshire tomorrow for a missions conference. We’re excited about all God has done and is still doing, and are praying He will continue providing support so that we can look in the near future at setting a definite date for our departure.

Until next time!