Making a Mission Video – Part 1: Writing the Script

This morning I’ve been working on the script for a mission video that will be produced next week if the Lord allows.  This is a video to showcase the opportunity God has given me to return to Chile and give others the option to partner with me financially as I go.

There are times I’m writing when I feel as if I’m treading water, saying things that make no sense or writing sentences that sound terrible when read aloud.  Then there are other times when I feel like God is so clearly speaking through me as I write.  This morning was one of those times when I could sense His power as I was putting pen to paper (well, finger to keyboard).  It was a great experience, one in which I was truly excited and passionate as I wrote.  While revisions will be necessary, I believe the main idea is there.

I pray others see through me the passion God has for the lost souls of Chile.  I want this video to be a call to action, and I want God to use it mightily for His honor and glory.

Will you please pray with me?

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