Waiting on God

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. -Psalm 27:14

I’m finally posting about Chile.  There are some things on my heart and I hope they will be an encouragement to you.

I had been praying for God to show me His will for my life (I know He wants me to be a missionary, but the “where” has always evaded me) and I was growing restless waiting on Him.  But there have been times where I’ve rushed God and lived to regret it, and I didn’t want that to happen again.  So I prayed, “Lord, put something in my lap, that whenever I see it, I know it came from you.”  And then I added, “Almost as if somebody else suggested it”, or something to that effect.

I knew this mission trip to Chile was coming up and I wanted some direction from Him, whether it involved Chile itself or not.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect and was somewhat afraid He wouldn’t speak to me, and then what?  I only know I kept reading things in the Bible about waiting on the Lord and that to disobey would be to miss the blessing He had for me.  So, in anguish of mind wondering where in the world my life was actually going, for once I waited, not knowing how long that wait would be.  And that was tough and probably one of the darkest seasons of my life.  I knew deep down based on God’s Word He would answer my prayer, but I didn’t know when, and that was the horror of the whole thing.  What if it’s another year, two, or more?  What if I miss it?  What if I’ve already missed it and I’m getting the second-best?  What if…?  The whispers of doubt tormented me day after day.

We left for Chile on May 29.  I didn’t want to go into the trip emotionally and I actually wasn’t enthralled with the country at first, although I did like it.  But the more I was there, the more I loved it. The people, the language, the culture, all of it.

Then one day, it happened.  I was sitting next to my pastor on the bus when he said he wanted me to pray about coming back to serve as an intern alongside one of the missionaries there, Jason Holt.  And I knew. That was it. That was the the answer to the prayer I’d been praying.

Almost as if somebody else suggested it.

When you pray and the answer comes like that, what more do you need?  And I can say now, “Wow! What an amazing God!”

I say all of this for three reasons:

  1. To praise my Jesus Who hears and answers prayer, and Whose Word is alive and speaking to us even today.
  2. So that people know this was a direct answer to prayer and a door I know the Lord wants me to step through. I didn’t get emotional and come back all ready to return. This is from God. And there’s a certain invincibility you feel when you know you are in the center of God’s will.
  3. To encourage others who may be in a season of waiting. Don’t rush God. He will show you the path. Obey what you know to be His will and He will continue to guide you. This is easy for me to say now, but a month and a half ago I was exactly where you are. And when He answers your prayers, it will blow your mind how He does it.

I don’t write this to say I’ve arrived, that I’ve perfected the art of waiting on God and I’ll never rush Him again.  But when God teaches us lessons, it’s good to share them, as well as to praise Him in them.  I hope this encourages you on your journey.

May God bless you as you wait on Him.

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