Watch God Work

It’s always amazing to see God directly at work, moving in a situation before the need arises.

In the Spanish Ministry at our church, we’ve been working on getting a five-day Bible club together for some children in a few different neighborhoods.  I say “we”, but the main one has been Ms. Julia Garst.  This is a way to reach children and parents with the gospel and even to find new bus riders.

We were thinking about doing it in somebody’s apartment in one area, but we needed their permission.  So we headed out there Tuesday evening.  While I think they would’ve given us permission, and the husband basically did, we were unable to talk to the wife and so were still unsure if it would happen.

The church couple that’s going to help us in this neighborhood have a large trailer and a tent we could set up outside, and he pointed out a large grassy area to park the trailer and do it if we could get permission from the landlord.  That’s never a certain thing, but we decided to go ahead and try.  I asked a *man which apartment belonged to the landlord, and he pointed out an apartment and said something like, “I don’t know where he lives.  He’s Cuban and his sister lives over there.”

Now, here’s the kicker.  A Cuban lady had just visited our church this past Sunday with a friend and told us she lived in those apartments.  We knew, we just knew that it had to be her!

And it was!  What’s more, her brother was visiting her for a little bit and we were able to speak directly to him and ask his permission, which of course he gave.

So it looks like next week we’re going through with it there!  We’re praying God will do some amazing things in that particular club and believe He will.  We already know we have His blessing on the matter.  Praise the Lord for going before us!

*This man is actually the husband referenced earlier.  I had never met him and the Lord opened the door for me to witness to him and his brother.  They weren’t saved and knew it, and while they didn’t become Christians that evening, I believe God was truly working in their hearts and am hoping I can see them some more next week.  Please pray for Francisco and Wilber to be saved!

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