What a Month!

We serve such a good God, and it was revealed to us in multiple ways this month on deputation. He blessed tremendously and showed His power to us more than we ever thought possible. Whenever a financial need arose, He was already meeting it beforehand through His willing servants. Though we traveled into the thousands of miles, He protected us all the way. Truly we can say that our God shall supply all our need and is so kind to us.

God is blessing with new support!
March started off with a bang, as the first Sunday night the church we were in voted to take us on in the service!


We also went to our first missions conference together (followed by two more back-to-back), and we absolutely loved it. We’ve already received word from one of those conferences that they voted to partner with us in the ministry. While at our first conference, we received a phone call from a church I was in last year that they wanted to be involved in our ministry financially as well. Then, the month ended as well as it began, with another church voting during the service to begin supporting us!

Please continue to pray…
1. For safety as we travel
2. For God to provide the support we need to reach Chile as soon as possible
3. That we may be a witness to all around us as we go, and that God will divinely place us where He wants us at just the right time


We met a man from Chile who came to America at a young age. I was able to speak a little bit of Chilean Spanish with him!


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