From Goats to Printing Presses to…

“And how can a person be saved?” I asked.

“By baptism?”

It was a Tuesday night, and I was having a Bible study with a group of men in the local jail. Every first and fourth Tuesday night of the month, a group of us go there and minister to the men and women behind bars (This is assuming we’re in town and not traveling somewhere!). Over time, I’ve gotten to make some friends with the men in the pod I’m in. Laurino is one of those men.

“No,” I explained, and began to show him Bible verses about salvation. It was an exciting thing as he began to underline those verses, following along with me, wanting to know the truth. I pray one day he comes to know the Savior. And I can’t wait to get to show people in Chile these same truths!

God is truly blessing our travels and we are having a wonderful time. This month, we were able to return to our home church, Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church, for a couple of days of their missions conference. We’re on the road all the time, so it was nice to have one last opportunity to be there for a while. We also visited several new churches and even saw a Bible printing ministry in one of them!


This coming month, we’re taking our biggest trip yet as we head to Texas! We can’t wait to be there and fellowship with God’s people. The Lord is showing Himself strong on our behalf, providing support and filling our calendar with meetings. It’s amazing to watch Him work.

It was pretty hilarious to see a herd of escaped goats at one church. They were so excited!

Please continue to pray for us, that we may reach the needed support to get to the field. We hope to leave at some point next year. Please also pray for Laurino and the others in jail, that they may come to know our Savior.

That would be incredible.

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