240 Years and Going Strong!

Don’t ask how I did it, but somehow I scheduled us to be in Texas a week and a half after we were in Pennsylvania (It was not originally supposed to go that way). But it’s actually worked out very well for us inasmuch as one of the churches we were in yesterday has already voted to take us on, and the pastor in the other one told me he’d been praying for a missionary to South America!

“I prayed and prayed, and nobody called. I had about given up and on a Friday, I told the Lord, ‘If you want one, you’ll have to bring them to us.’ And the very next day, you called me.” This story reveals to me that God answers prayer even when we don’t see the answer forthcoming, and He does have our support out there as long as we are faithful to pursue it.

Before we came to Texas, we managed to stop into our home in Georgia and present the ministry to a sweet church in South Carolina. The pastor there has undergone some serious health problems because of a fall at work, but it was an encouragement to see his still trusting God through it all.

Yesterday in Texas, we were invited to eat at the pastor’s house for lunch. When we pulled up, lo and behold, there were goats in his backyard! Those of you who saw our April video know that I really like goats because, for whatever reason, they crack me up.

It’s the little things in life.

Finally, I’m so excited to say that our home church, Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church, celebrated its 240th birthday yesterday. What a blessing to see what God has done down through the years in the church in which I grew up! The work that men and women in the 1700’s were faithful to begin is still going strong today.

Perhaps the man who started the church never could have imagined that it would have a far-reaching impact throughout the world, but every missionary sent out of Buffalo Ridge somehow connects back to him and that original congregation. Someday, Lord willing, many Chileans will hear the gospel because this man was faithful to fulfill the call of God on his life 240 years ago.

Stay faithful to God, my brothers and sisters. We never know who will still be reaping the rewards centuries from now.

Eternal Dreams

I would have sent this update earlier but we were in the car most of the day heading home to Georgia from Colonial Heights, Virginia. We just finished a wonderful week in Pennsylvania and Virginia in three churches, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. We always have such a good time and certainly hope to return to all of these churches at some point in the future.

On the way to church Sunday morning, we passed through Washington, D.C., and saw the Capitol building. This was a very neat experience because I’d only seen it once before and Leslie had never seen it.

But it reminded me of something. It reminded me of the dreams I used to have for myself, dreams of entering the political world and one day becoming the President of the United States. I’m so thankful God changed those dreams to put something much more eternal in my heart.

Perhaps God is working in your heart about the things of eternity, and I urge you to let Him use your life in whatever way He sees fit. It may be to be a sender here in the States, or it may be to be a missionary overseas. Either way, the life He has set forward for us is much more fulfilling and rewarding than the life we could ever design for ourselves.

And we certainly love the life He’s given us. Thank you all for your support and kindness to us as we’ve visited your church. We can’t express the love God has given us for our Christian brothers and sisters that we have met. One thing that thrills our heart when a church partners with us for support is knowing that we will get to see those brothers and sisters there again in the future, if the Lord allows.

To me, that beats working on Capitol Hill any day.

To the North (Again!)

“I have to teach about Isobel Kuhn, whoever that is.” Leslie looked at me for at least some kind of hint.

I had read Kuhn’s book By Searching a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. “She was this missionary somewhere,” I said, not really remembering exactly where. “You should read her book; it’s great.”

Thus began Leslie’s first experience teaching the young ladies at the Our Generation Training Center. As it turns out, she did do her research on Isobel Kuhn and worked hard putting together a good lesson. I can’t wait to hear her do it someday in Spanish!

This past Wednesday, we presented the ministry to Chile in Easley, South Carolina (We’ve been to that area several times lately and are becoming Pickens/Easley/Six Mile regulars). Then, on Friday morning, we embarked on the journey from Georgia to Maryland at 6 AM and made it just in time to share dinner with a pastor and his family (whom we grew to love) that evening. We have thoroughly enjoyed the couple of times we’ve been up North. God has been blessing our travels and giving us safety on the road. We will be in Pennsylvania for another week and we are excited to see which of our brothers and sisters in Christ God will allow us to meet next.

However, while we love what we get to do, our ultimate goal is to see Chile and the world reached with the gospel. Would you consider partnering with us so that we can get to the field quickly?

Pictured below: God allows us to see the most beautiful things as we travel around America presenting the ministry to Chile.

Thank you to all who have been so kind to us. We’ve loved those we’ve met and can’t wait to meet those we haven’t. Until next time!

Our First Marriage Retreat

This month we attended the first of what we hope will be many marriage retreats over the course of our lifetime. In years gone by, I’ve watched everybody else go to these, and it was nice to finally be able to participate in one of them together. We learned so many invaluable things that we are sure will help our marriage going forward.



The retreat ended on Saturday and we somehow found ourselves in Pennsylvania the next day for a couple of meetings (It was quite a drive to get there, but we made it!). I’ve only been to Pennsylvania one other time that I remember, when I was a young boy, so it was neat to go back as an adult and to be so close to the memorials of our nation’s founding. It was especially great, however, to meet our brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving Him several hours away, and who treated us with such great kindness.

From Alabama, to Georgia, to North Carolina, to South Carolina, to Pennsylvania, to Tennessee, to Virginia-this month has been packed. We’re getting into a season of our lives right now where we’re not able to come home as often, but we’re excited about that because it means we’re out making our way closer and closer to Chile! God has been so good to keep our cars running and providing everything we need. Please continue to pray that we will be a witness everywhere we go and that God will use us on deputation to bring glory to His name.