To the North (Again!)

“I have to teach about Isobel Kuhn, whoever that is.” Leslie looked at me for at least some kind of hint.

I had read Kuhn’s book By Searching a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. “She was this missionary somewhere,” I said, not really remembering exactly where. “You should read her book; it’s great.”

Thus began Leslie’s first experience teaching the young ladies at the Our Generation Training Center. As it turns out, she did do her research on Isobel Kuhn and worked hard putting together a good lesson. I can’t wait to hear her do it someday in Spanish!

This past Wednesday, we presented the ministry to Chile in Easley, South Carolina (We’ve been to that area several times lately and are becoming Pickens/Easley/Six Mile regulars). Then, on Friday morning, we embarked on the journey from Georgia to Maryland at 6 AM and made it just in time to share dinner with a pastor and his family (whom we grew to love) that evening. We have thoroughly enjoyed the couple of times we’ve been up North. God has been blessing our travels and giving us safety on the road. We will be in Pennsylvania for another week and we are excited to see which of our brothers and sisters in Christ God will allow us to meet next.

However, while we love what we get to do, our ultimate goal is to see Chile and the world reached with the gospel. Would you consider partnering with us so that we can get to the field quickly?

Pictured below: God allows us to see the most beautiful things as we travel around America presenting the ministry to Chile.

Thank you to all who have been so kind to us. We’ve loved those we’ve met and can’t wait to meet those we haven’t. Until next time!

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