Eternal Dreams

I would have sent this update earlier but we were in the car most of the day heading home to Georgia from Colonial Heights, Virginia. We just finished a wonderful week in Pennsylvania and Virginia in three churches, all of which we thoroughly enjoyed. We always have such a good time and certainly hope to return to all of these churches at some point in the future.

On the way to church Sunday morning, we passed through Washington, D.C., and saw the Capitol building. This was a very neat experience because I’d only seen it once before and Leslie had never seen it.

But it reminded me of something. It reminded me of the dreams I used to have for myself, dreams of entering the political world and one day becoming the President of the United States. I’m so thankful God changed those dreams to put something much more eternal in my heart.

Perhaps God is working in your heart about the things of eternity, and I urge you to let Him use your life in whatever way He sees fit. It may be to be a sender here in the States, or it may be to be a missionary overseas. Either way, the life He has set forward for us is much more fulfilling and rewarding than the life we could ever design for ourselves.

And we certainly love the life He’s given us. Thank you all for your support and kindness to us as we’ve visited your church. We can’t express the love God has given us for our Christian brothers and sisters that we have met. One thing that thrills our heart when a church partners with us for support is knowing that we will get to see those brothers and sisters there again in the future, if the Lord allows.

To me, that beats working on Capitol Hill any day.

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