Many “New” Things

Post originally written October 15th:

Fall is in the air (and I have the allergies to prove it)! We’re currently in New York, and I’ll admit I was a bit nervous this past Sunday that my voice wouldn’t hold up throughout the day, but God was very good and gave me the strength to preach His Word. I paid the price yesterday and am still recovering today, but I’m praying it gets better before our missions conference in New Hampshire this week.

God has been so good to us these last few days and weeks. This morning, we received word of a new supporter in Pennsylvania, which marks our first in that state! A few days ago, we also heard from a church whose missions conference we were in in Alabama (You may remember I requested prayer for Pastor Vaughan and his wife) that they too voted to partner with us in reaching Chile with the gospel!

These past couple of weeks have been exciting. From being home in Georgia for a few days, to going to Maryland and New York for meetings and missions conferences, we’ve had a wonderful time meeting God’s people.

As a side note, I loved this statement written behind the pulpit from which I preached last Wednesday night:

Pastors (and anybody interested in missions), we have an exciting brand new event next month at Vision. The World Evangelism Fellowship is from November 4-5 in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is a conference in which we’ll discuss the need around the world and how to get the gospel to them. I’d like to invite you to come. Among others, one of my personal favorites, Dr. Don Sisk, will be there. The registration link is here:

Also, for those interested in missions, get your new year started right by coming to our annual Our Generation Conference (Formerly known as the Summit) on January 2-4, 2020! It will be held in Buford, Georgia, and is a great opportunity to learn more about your part in world evangelism. Here is the link to register for that conference:

As always, thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Lord willing, we are headed to New Hampshire tomorrow for a missions conference. We’re excited about all God has done and is still doing, and are praying He will continue providing support so that we can look in the near future at setting a definite date for our departure.

Until next time!

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