Please Pray for Leslie’s Mom

*This post was originally written on October 28th, 2019*

Chile has been in the news lately, but more on that in a minute.

I usually like to keep our updates as upbeat as possible, including the titles of the emails, because we are truly loving the life God has given us and are seeing Him work in great ways. However, we were blindsided about a week and a half ago with the news that Leslie’s mom Lisa has cancer. We had known that was a possibility and were praying it would not be the case, but God has seen fit to allow it to be so for now. She’s supposed to go tomorrow to find out how advanced it is and what the next steps should be. We’re praying it will not be too serious and that it will be resolved quickly by God’s grace. She is trusting in the Lord and resting in His perfect peace, whatever may come.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been in several churches and a couple of missions conferences, and we’ve loved every minute of it. At Cornerstone Baptist Church in New Hampshire, we got to be a part of one of my favorite outreach events so far, the Pumpkin Regatta. It’s a fall event in which many locals bring the pumpkins they’ve grown so they can be weighed in a competition. There are also several booths that people set up to sell various items, and we set one up for the church where the kids could play games and we could talk to the adults. It had a small-town feel to it that we really loved.

Also, the results of having travelled for about a month, with the generosity of God’s people (and they really are incredibly generous to us) are evidenced by our packing below:

Many of you may have heard of recent protests in Chile due to rising public transportation costs, among other things. Things got so out of control that the military was called in to squelch the rioting, and I was sad to see Chile’s falling into a state of disarray that I never witnessed in the time I was there. However, I’m happy to report that things are returning back to normal, though the damage will take time to repair.

While the political and civil situation in a country may fluctuate, we know that in the end, King Jesus prevails. However, many of these same Chileans are woefully unprepared to stand before Him, having never accepted Him as their personal Savior. That is why we must go and why we cannot wait to get there. We’d love to see Chile turned upside-down for Him in such a way that, as the world could not ignore this, so it could not ignore Jesus’ saving power in the lives of Chile’s citizens.

And, speaking of the world, our World Evangelism Fellowship at Vision is coming up next week. Many great men of God will be speaking, and Leslie and I are excited to be there for it. If you are not registered to attend and would like to, here is the link:

Thank you all again for your prayers and continued support. We’re happy to report that God has given us a wonderful month or so with several new supporters. Each one leads us closer to Chile, and for that we are so grateful.

Until next time!

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