Our Current Support Level and an Update on Leslie’s Mom’s Cancer

*Written on November 14, 2019*

Many new happenings are taking place as we approach Thanksgiving!

First things first. As you may have read a couple of weeks ago, we found out that Leslie’s mom has cancer and were unsure what would happen going forward. We want to thank several of you who have reached out to let us know you were praying for her, and we’re excited to say that the cancer has not spread, and that the doctors believe that with chemo and radiation, they can get it all! This is a huge relief to us, and while nothing is ever a sure thing, this was about as good as the news could be for us right now. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue praying as you think of her and us.

Further below, I’ll mention where we are on our monetary support, but I wanted to say thank you to the churches that have had us in recently. We’re in the South for the winter, and we’ve had a wonderful time in the Carolina’s, Georgia, and Florida. In one church we were in, I was able to reconnect with an old college friend of mine, Craig Howard. It’s always exciting when I see people with whom I went to college serving the Lord.

Just last night, we got to be in a meeting with some friends of ours from Vision who are going to China! Andy and Lily Smith have recently started deputation and are doing a wonderful job together. If you’re interested in having a missionary to China come into your church, their information can be found at: https://thatchinamayknow.com.

As I alluded to earlier, God has been richly blessing our deputation lately and we’ve received several new partners in the ministry! A couple of Sundays ago, the church we were in that morning voted to partner with us in reaching Chile with the gospel. “We’ve got an empty spot on the wall over there that we need to fill,” the pastor said, pointing to framed pictures of their supported missionaries. Our hearts were filled with joy as we left, knowing we were that much closer to Chile.

Then, this morning, my phone rang, and a pastor’s name from a church we were in a couple of months ago popped up on the screen. I picked it up and, after greeting one another, he told me the church’s Faith Promise offerings had just gone above and beyond what he had anticipated. “Well, that’s great! Good for them!” I said, genuinely happy for the direction the church is going. “Well, actually, good for you,” he responded. “We just voted last night to take you all on for support.” You can imagine my excitement!

These two commitments, along with several others, have propelled us beyond the 30% mark of our needed support, and the number keeps rising! We’ve been so elated by how many pastors and churches we’ve heard back from recently, and we want to say thank you to all who have just taken us on or those who have already been supporting us for some months now. We know God is doing something great, and we can actually feel the momentum shifting in our favor.

To those who may not have taken us on yet, would you consider partnering with us so that we can reach our support goal within the next year? I truly believe that with God’s help, it is completely possible. Also, if we aren’t scheduled to be in your church, we’d love to come by sometime and present the ministry God has given us to Chile.

Lastly, over the past couple of months, I had mentioned the World Evangelism Fellowship at Vision Baptist Church. I’m happy to report that several pastors, assistant pastors, and laymen in churches across America came to be challenged in the area of world missions. It was such a blessing to see pastors whose churches we’ve been in and to reconnect with one another. If you weren’t able to make it this year but would like to come next year, the dates are November 9-10th, 2020.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for us. We’re so immensely blessed. Until next time!

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