Saying Goodbye to Dolly

Last week started off extremely well as we heard back from a church in New Jersey that voted to begin partnering with us in the ministry! I was so excited to receive that text from the pastor, knowing our reaching Chile with the gospel just got that much closer. We’re still praying God will provide the rest of our funds within the next year, and we believe He will do so.

As I read that text, I was sitting in our Toyota Highlander in Florida (It was parked, in case you’re wondering). Little did I know that this vehicle was about to breathe her last the very next day as we drove to Pensacola. Having just crossed the Escambia Bay moments before, she summoned all her strength to pass one more truck before blowing her engine. We had her transported to the shop, and a few days later, we received news that she was too far gone to salvage.

It was a sad day as we went to clean her out. Dolly (This was the name Leslie had given her before we got married) took us as far north as Maine and as far west as Texas in her brief year on deputation. We packed her up so many times we had it down to a science. She did a great job for us in the time we had her.

Since we’re approaching Thanksgiving and it is a time to be thankful, I will say how good God was in allowing us to break down just two miles from where we were supposed to be staying, so we weren’t stranded out in the middle of nowhere between meetings. I’m also thankful that He’s been providing so that we were able to put back money month by month in the event that this happened, so it didn’t take us completely by surprise. He is truly so good to us.

As to an update about our deputation travels, we were in Florida this past week or so getting to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ who are doing a great job serving Him. We’ll be more local over Christmastime, staying mainly in the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. We’re excited to be able to spend Thanksgiving with Leslie’s family in a few days.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray you all have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful start to your December. It’s hard to believe we only have one month left in 2019!

Until next time.

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