We experienced a deputation first this month as, on Easter Sunday, of all days, God allowed us to present the ministry to Chile over Facebook livestream with a church in Wisconsin. The pastor was extremely gracious in allowing us to do so. We worked it out so that he made me an administrator of the church’s page before doing a run-through together. Then, on Sunday morning, he did the first part of the service from his end and afterward we switched over. I got to present the ministry and preach from our little kitchen. I have to admit that, as many of you have no doubt discovered, the dynamic was quite different. I had a good time, though. It was  kind of funny when Leslie laughed a couple of times but was all alone in her laughter.

In the middle of the month, we were invited to get on a video call with a youth group at a church we were in last May. We had a blast. We updated them on what was going on, and then they asked a few questions. What was really exciting to us was that they let us know the church was going to be taking us on for support! I didn’t think we’d be getting any new supporters in April with all that’s going on, but God showed that He is indeed still in control and is working on our behalf. We pray He will speed us to the field, because we can’t wait to get there. However, we know He has his reasons for all He is allowing right now, and we’re trusting in His plan for our lives.

The Lord has been good in allowing us to use this time to be at Leslie’s parents’ house a little bit more. Her mom is undergoing a new type of therapy, immunotherapy, so we’re waiting to see how that is working. She’s been gaining her strength back and having the ability to eat much more now than she was, so that’s good.

We hope all is going well wherever you may be. I certainly hope that this time next month, things will have begun to ease up a little and started to return to somewhat of the normalcy we had before. We miss going to church and seeing people, as no doubt you all do too. Thank you so much for your support, and may God continue to bless you greatly!

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