July 2020 Prayer Letter

As we head into July, we trust you are all doing well and getting back to a bit of normalcy in your lives. We greatly appreciate your support and prayers. The Lord has been so good to sustain us through these times, as I’m sure He has you. Isn’t He a wonderful God? This month, we have two major praises and a prayer request. 

The Praises

When the Coronavirus first became an issue, my biggest concern was that we would start losing  support we had already gained. I felt fairly certain we wouldn’t get any new support for a while, which I hated, but I would’ve considered it a victory if we didn’t lose anything. I can say God and His people have truly been incredible. We’ve actually been gaining support over these months. Just this week alone, we’ve heard of two new supporters, as well as another a couple of weeks ago. We are tremendously blessed. Also, some of you knew our mission board’s president, Pastor Gardner, had the Coronavirus and was in the hospital on a respirator. We are thrilled to say he is back home and recovering. We praise the Lord for His healing hand and thank you for your prayers!

The Prayer Request

We were hoping to start back on deputation this month, but then we both got the virus at the end of May and had to cancel quite a few meetings. Now, more than a month later, my tests are coming back negative, but Leslie’s aren’t. She hasn’t had symptoms in a month now, so we don’t know what’s going on. Would you pray her tests will come back negative so we can get back on the road in July? We miss presenting the ministry to Chile and meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we can’t wait to get back to it.

We pray all is well with you. Until next month!

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