With about a week left in January, we’re so blessed to have already heard of seven new supporters this month! It’s been such a blessing receiving word from pastor after pastor that their church has voted to partner with us financially in reaching Chile with the gospel. We’re praying for even more before January is over.

With November fast approaching, we’ve had people ask how they can contribute to our ministry. Right now we’re saving our for our setup fund (This is the fund we’re using to get everything going in Chile. It includes things like plane tickets [Already purchased], various items we need to bring from the States that Chile doesn’t have, obtaining vehicles in Chile, etc.). Anybody interested in doing so online can go to and choose “Stephen Carrier” from the dropdown menu on the left. Anybody wishing to do so through a physical check can send it to:

Vision Baptist Missions
C/O Stephen Carrier
PO Box 442
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Under the memo, put “Carrier Setup Fund.” We appreciate all who’ve shown interest in helping us reach Chile and get set up there. Leslie and I get so excited as we discuss our departure date approaching (November 14th!) and when we’re going to pack our stuff, etc.


As far as our deputation travels and where we are right now, I’ll let you look at this sign from a restaurant we were in to see if you can figure it out!

If you guessed Texas, you’d be right! God has been so good enabling us to have meetings here for a couple of weeks to present the ministry to Chile. Please pray with us that the churches we are supposed to be in this year will all be able to have us in. 

As an aside, when we travel, we use our phones for a GPS. The sad thing is that our phone holder wouldn’t stay on (Nothing more fun than driving down the road, only to have the thing fall off with your phone in it and whack you on the leg), and we finally tired of it enough that we decided to fix the problem once and for all!


Last Thursday night we went to Walmart and an interesting thing happened. We were shopping in the deli section and a lady came up to look around the area where we were. Somehow, she and Leslie and I struck up a conversation that lasted for about thirty to forty minutes. She was telling us about her kids, we told her we were missionaries, etc. At one point she said something that really struck me, though. She said she had noticed us and that there was something different about us. We weren’t even doing anything special, just shopping for some things we needed. Long conversations with strangers don’t seem to ever happen much in the era of Covid, and it was a really neat experience. The main takeaway for me, though, was that people are sometimes watching us when we don’t know they are. I wonder if I’m always displaying the love of Christ when they do. I wonder how many of us as Christians are being watched and don’t realize it. What are we saying about our Savior when this happens?


Lastly, one thing that is near to our hearts is the Baptist Center for World Evangelism, a place where young missionaries can go to be trained for the mission field. One of the biggest blessings Leslie and I receive from Vision is our constant training, and we believe strongly in the future of missions via this project. If you would like to get involved or see what I’m referencing, please go to this link below:

As always, God bless each of you. Until next time!

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