May 2021 Prayer Letter

We received a huge blessing in April for the first time in over a year: Not a single church had to cancel any of our meetings due to Covid! All throughout churches in America, we’ve seen an increase of peoples’ willingness to get out and get back to church. In the midst of all the bad that has happened due to Covid, God is bringing a lot of good out of it as well. There seems to be a renewed excitement at church now. People are thrilled to be back together serving God, and we love it. 

Sadly, Chile seems to be moving in the opposite direction. They closed their borders down for the month of April and are now extending that into May, along with various restrictions within the country itself. Please pray that Chile will open its borders soon so that we may get the paperwork finished that we need to get in order to arrive there in November. 

Throughout our travels, we often meet several different people and find ourselves in places that we know God wants us in at that very moment. One neat story about how God always divinely orchestrates situations occurred just this past week. We were in a section of Florida where manatees can often be seen, and a pastor’s wife mentioned we should try to go see them. So as we were heading out of town the next day, we stopped by that area to see them. Sadly, they weren’t out and hadn’t been seen that day. We went and grabbed a bite to eat and decided to try one more time before leaving. When we came back, they were there! We walked out to the jetty and were watching them when I had to step away for a few minutes. When I came back, I could see Leslie talking to a lady in the distance. Of course, I thought laughingly. Never meets a stranger. Later I found out that they had crossed paths and one conversation had led to another, and Leslie was able to witness to her. The lady’s name was Linda, she was from Indiana, and she had never heard how she could be saved. Please pray for her salvation, as she had several probing questions about the Gospel. Leslie was ultimately able to leave her with a tract, and we believe God’s Word will do its work in her heart. But I just think, if those manatees had been there the first time, we’d have never met Linda. God is still seeking to save sinners. He is so good. 

As we travel, God allows us to see some really neat things as well. We were in a missions conference in Ashtabula, Ohio, and while there, they showed us the site where P.P. Bliss was killed in a train wreck. He was the man who composed many of the great hymns we sing today, as well as the music to It Is Well with My Soul. The bridge pictured below collapsed as the train was crossing it, and several people were killed in an ensuing fire, including Bliss. In the time since, they’ve fortified the bridge to make it much more safe. It was neat to be there, though. (Also, Lake Erie was awesome and it felt like seeing an ocean.)

Finally, God has been so good to keep us safe on the roads. On our way to Florida last Saturday, we drove through heavy rains for two solid hours before getting into one section of southern Georgia, where the rain became a torrential downpour mixed with hail. A tornado warning flashed up on my phone twice telling us to seek shelter, and cars were all over the side of the road and under bridges, but we just kept pressing on because we didn’t really have much of a choice if we were going to make it to Florida in time. We just prayed that God would keep us safe, and eventually the skies broke and it felt like driving straight into heaven on the other side! 

Thank you all as always for your prayers. Until next time!


We received several new supporting churches this month!

Churches are getting back into full swing, and Covid cancellations are almost non-existent at this point.

Prayer Request

That Chile will open its borders so we can get the paperwork finished to leave in November.

Setup Fund Essentials

Shipping Container and Moving Costs-$3,000

Residency Visas-$200

Rent and Deposit for Three Months-$3,000


Language School for a Year-$10,000

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