250Project-Our God Is An Awesome God

When we put up the final Facebook post announcing 250Project’s completion, I couldn’t believe it. That massive endeavor had finally come to a close. What had been a part of my life for nine months was now suddenly over. Had it not been just yesterday that Jason sat down with me in Bolivia and showedContinue reading “250Project-Our God Is An Awesome God”

Happenings in Chile

While I’ve written fairly extensively about my trips to Peru and Bolivia, I haven’t written as much about Chile. To be truthful, the trips to Peru and Bolivia were easy to write about inasmuch as they were a timeline of events that naturally followed one another. Chile is different because there are some days filled withContinue reading “Happenings in Chile”

Peru: Part 2 – A Week in Arequipa

The sun had already risen and was shining brightly when I awoke the first day in Arequipa. Oh, no, I’ve overslept! It’s got to be at least 8:30 or something. I looked at my phone to see the time. 5:45 AM. What in the world? That was my first experience with an Arequipa sunrise! It comesContinue reading “Peru: Part 2 – A Week in Arequipa”

Peru: Part 1 – The Road To Arequipa

It seems no South American travel story of mine would be complete without some misunderstanding at the airport. We left for Peru on Tuesday morning, October 3, for a churches/leaders conference. I had to be up at 3 in the morning to catch an Uber to the airport, so I got very little sleep. However, I madeContinue reading “Peru: Part 1 – The Road To Arequipa”

Lasernita – A Dramatic Retelling

Apparently her name is Lasernita, which was news to me. It’s a play off of the last name of one of my friends from Bolivia, and I’m not sure why she was given that name inasmuch as he didn’t seem to have any special attachment to her. Since I never named her, I’ll go with it. I’llContinue reading “Lasernita – A Dramatic Retelling”

Bolivia: Part 2 – We’re Going to the Jungle, You Say?

I couldn’t breathe. At least, not very well. And then I was staggering everywhere as I walked. What was happening? We were in La Paz, and as I came to find out, it’s anywhere from 10,650 to 13,250 feet above sea level, the world’s highest capital city. It was a little difficult to get oxygen, to say theContinue reading “Bolivia: Part 2 – We’re Going to the Jungle, You Say?”