Almost Back to Normal, And Then…

No doubt these last few months have been trying times for everybody, but God has been so faithful. We’re so grateful for our supporting churches still sending in support, and we were so excited that, after two months of having meetings cancelled, we were finally going to be able to start back on deputation atContinue reading “Almost Back to Normal, And Then…”

Our Current Support Level and an Update on Leslie’s Mom’s Cancer

*Written on November 14, 2019* Many new happenings are taking place as we approach Thanksgiving! First things first. As you may have read a couple of weeks ago, we found out that Leslie’s mom has cancer and were unsure what would happen going forward. We want to thank several of you who have reached outContinue reading “Our Current Support Level and an Update on Leslie’s Mom’s Cancer”

Please Pray for Leslie’s Mom

*This post was originally written on October 28th, 2019* Chile has been in the news lately, but more on that in a minute. I usually like to keep our updates as upbeat as possible, including the titles of the emails, because we are truly loving the life God has given us and are seeing HimContinue reading “Please Pray for Leslie’s Mom”